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Therefore's playable demo is now available!

After working very hard for so long, with all our determination and eagerness, we are glad to announce that... Therefore's playable demo is finally available for download! And specially for the launch we have produced a new awesome trailer. We hope you enjoy it!

Visiting the amphiteatre
Visiting the High Court (test)
Therefore sound reel

A new BG art is finished.

Our projects
Crisis Crunch
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Stevie and his martini
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Pleasant smell
Crisis Crunch - Lucas Feri, Malebolge's President
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Do you have some chips?
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Malebolge's reception
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Malebolge's reception
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: In-game interface
Abandoned staff room, bunch secret base.
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot
Labyrinth sarcophagus revised
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Starbugs' executive's area
Basement Hall revised
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Main Menu scenery
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Where does this door lead?
Door to the basement
Lost and Found window
Meet the Crunch Bunch

When losers stick together, nothing is impossible. Guy Guatamez, a professional intern, and his mates want to destroy their hell contracts and recover their souls. This is the only way to escape from the crazy chambers of Malebolge Corporation, the Underworld enterprise of evil, where they are damned to work forever, without the minimum wage!

That’s why they will come up with a plan to sabotage The Eight Departments of Sin from the inside, putting Malebolge's president, Lucas Feri, against the wall. Using their wits and guts and their peculiar abilities, they will try to fulfil this quest.

Laugh at society, laugh at the mass media, laugh at your boss, laugh at celebrities, laugh at yourself, laugh at us too. Whatever!, but laugh! Join the Crunch Bunch and send everything to hell!

  • Point and Click adventure with a comic style that forgets about items and inventory mechanics.
  • Use the crazy abilities of eight different characters to make your way through the story, abilities like caffeine speed, hyper swipe, toxic perfume, blind man super hearing, accountant analysis, flashing dentition… You have 25 different abilities!
  • Satirical dialogues with 50 bizarre NPC, in which you must manage the interventions of your companions to satisfactorily get away with your plans. 
  • Take documents in your portfolio and use their content as clues to solve different situations.
  • A critical review of modern society, cliché abuse, hooliganism, and irony.


***Already awarded with a TIC award at the II Designing Future forum during its pre-production.***

Therefore: Title screen
Therefore's scenery: The Foremost Palace
Therefore's scenery: The Foremost Palace
Therefore's scenery: The Foremost Gardens at midday
Therefore's scenery: The Foremost Gardens at dawn
Therefore's scenery: The Masters' Refuge
Therefore's scenery: The Masters' Refuge
Therefore: Meditation, the three types of essences
Therefore: Forge of Essences, listened & learned formulas
Therefore - Scenery: The Whatever Zone
Therefore - Scenery: The Whatever Zone
Therefore - Scenery: The Snowy Tundra
Therefore - Scenery: The Bazaar
Therefore - Scenery: The Lighthouse
Therefore - Scenery: The Lighthouse
Therefore - Scenery: The Scorching Woods
Therefore - Scenery: The Scorching Woods
Therefore - Scenery: The Vantage
Therefore - Scenery: The Haven
Therefore - Scenery: The Justice Court
What will be your path, Wanderer?

The Wanderer wakes up in the First Realm, he finds it fading away, being torn apart and consumed by The Degradation. A spectral form, his only guide, whispers to him: “They are waiting for you in the center of all realities.”

But The Wanderer doesn't have memories or a voice of his own. The only thing he can do is wander and explore the First Realm in search of one of the Primeval Hearts, the key to reaching his goal. In his way, maybe he will find answers about himself and about what is menacing all the Realms. But a great power is pounding inside of him, The Wanderer will soon discover that he is capable of amazing feats.

The Wanderer can extract The Essences, the ideas that shape the reality of the First Realm and its inhabitants, store them, and mix them to forge special items that will help him through the adventure, and if something goes wrong, he may use the Memento Mori to reset the day and learn from his mistakes.

But be warned! This day is the last day of The First Realm, The Wanderer must be ready before confronting the End of the Tangle of Realms and a lot of paths will open in front of him, a lot of choices. You will be his conscience, the end of this story depends on you. The story about all of us.

  • A point-and-click adventure game with a pixel-art open world, a vivid realm where time flows and weather changes, with living fauna and flora, a world that refuses to die.
  • Surreal characters and environments. Freedom to explore and take different paths and choices. Use "The Memento Mori" to reset the day and try again, without losing your items thanks to the use of the "Eternal Vaults".
  • Sound and music are an essential part of the core mechanics. Lots of musical puzzles and symbolism, where poetry and riddles are a constant.
  • Item crafting mechanics thanks to the "Essences Forge": Extract essences from environmental elements and NPC around you and use them to create special items.
  • Plot and dialogues with different levels of depth and meaning.
Available on Game Jolt   Available on   Available on IndieDB   Channel on Discord
About us
Trim Tangle
Creative Nexus

Trim Tangle is a nexus of entrepreneurs and creative people who love interactive entertainment, games and digital arts. There are several members in this collective and plenty of ideas and creative proposals arise from its people.

Actually the core is divided in two different teams working in two simultaneous video game projects, supporting each other when is needed. In this web site you can see our profiles. Besides the teams, there are other nexus members and contacts working on their own board games or pen and paper role playing games or on digital and artistic projects.

We consider games a tool to transmit and express, a tool to connect to others, for us is the perfect channel to send a message, to generate an experience and, of course, a great way of entertainment. Video games nourish from literature, cinema, arts, music and science to create something unique.

Nevertheless, in this times we are facing, video games (and other digital arts) must evolve, not being just a way of evasion but a way to learn, to understand the human world. Video games must not been reclusive but connective.

Adults have been cheated to avoid games, except those considered appropriate for their ages. With this we made a terrible mistake, this generation is starting to realize it.

But that doesn’t apply to us, we believe in games as we believe in any kind of artistic expression, and we see both as what they are, a way of innovation, vindication and communication, part of the tangle that weave us together, because we are Trim Tangle.

Antonio Peña
OST Composer | Musician
Projects:Crisis Crunch

Anything could lead to music and music could lead us to anything, and that is something Antonio Peñas realized long time ago. From modern music to the classics, from electro-acoustic to unplugged, he walks through all the musical spectrum never making stops.

He is composer, guitarist, pianist an jazz musician, and has created a Big Band and played with famous singers as Maite Da Costa, Julie Guravich, Cristal Méndez Queizán and others.

Antonio Peña and Julián Rodríguez have both participated in the production of some original soundtracks for independent and commercial movies such as: “The enchanted Forest”, "De Profundis", “Guts”, "Dreams of a San Juan Night”, “The Apostle” “Wrap up”... titles in which they worked as arrangers, orchestrators and music editors. Antonio, also has composed for experimental music labs and events while teaching in the conservatory.

He is as versatile as sound itself and never loses the chance to show how music could flow through the gaps in the wall of our collective clichés and start to erode it. We believe that is what he saw in our projects: a chance to contribute in making social status quo tremor a little without forgetting to have a good time.

David González
Game Programmer
Projects:Crisis Crunch

You cannot escape from his eye; he sees every detail, perceives every change in your mood and localizes any error. This boy with analytical brain and poetic soul is our lead programmer, capable of thinking programming solutions while he is washing his underpants or taking a beer.

He is hyper responsible and thorough, he is our inside “Trimmer” and he doesn’t like imperfection.

Besides being a great opera singer and a daily philosopher, is a talented Computer Engineer well versed in apps and mobile development tools, and a hardcore gamer very fond of strategy, graphic adventures and turn-based RPG. Simultaneously to Crisis Crunch he is working in an engineering team of a Tech Start-up.

David treats projects he works on as they were his children, never lets them suffer for lack of attention and care and always uses his time to feed the project's everlasting hunger of productivity.

To David everything matters, all, even the little things of life and details have their importance (we told you he was a philosopher), that’s why he thinks inattentive behavior dishonored a great idea and the effort of a passionate team, and he will not allow that!

Diego Corzón (Eurinomio)
Narrative Designer | Scriptwriter | Design and Animation | Background art | Content creator.

“World is changing, humanity is changing, games and video games must be part of the change”. This messianic deviant is one of our narrative designers, an idea breeding machine who always convince us to follow him in his weird experiments. 

Corzón (a.k.a Eurinomio) gave his back to a finished Laws Degree and then studied DGAC (Digital Graphic and Artistic Creation) learning about traditional and new techniques of illustration, design, and animation. Not having enough, his delirium led him to other odd careers as Narrative Creation, Interactive Writing, and Audiovisual screenwriting alongside with other 3d and graphic design courses. Heaven knows how, he has published tales, articles, and essays and has earned some prizes and nominations in poetry, comic and writing minor competitions.

Simultaneously to both video game projects (Crisis Crunch and Therefore), he is working on many other editorial and game projects, including a podcast.

Eurinomio loves storytelling and video games over all. In fact, we think he lives in a perpetual video game (¿Isla Piñata, maybe?). He uses literature, philosophy, art, comic, theatre…, the entire audiovisual spectre to shape his weird fictions, and sometimes, just sometimes, some of them worked.

Hombre Fotolito
Graphic Designer | Character Designer
Projects:Crisis Crunch

What would happen if you mix the attitude of John Wayne, the good weave of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and the artistic perception of Andy Warhol? Easy, you will got “Hombre Fotolito”. He is a graphic and artistic creator, graphic animator, letterer, poster artist and printing expert and he is known in artistic circles by this name.

He has no fear of proving new things and is a trusty partner. If you ask him about help you out in a bizarre project he will look at you calmly, he will take a sip of his Whisky Dry and he will say: When we start?

As his secret identity: Daniel Gutiérrez, he has studied DGAC (Digital Graphic and Artistic Creation), also Graphic Design and Typographic Creation, and has worked as designer in marketing and communication companies, design studios and printing enterprises. He loves graphic arts, audiovisuals and video games.

Paradoxically, behind his cowboy look hides a sensible heart which despairs when see consumerist behavior and he tries to change this from the inside in his job, you could see a feeble shivering in his eyes when he is surrounded by “ capitalistic nonsense” (Sales, Black Fridays..). We love him anyway.

José Luis Valenzuela
Game Programmer
Projects:Crisis Crunch

Although he was a good student, from a young age he developed a curious dual interest in health and computer sciences. The possibility of digging inside cute animals dissuaded him from the first option, so he decided to focus his career on computer science, and it was a good decision.

The challenges do not dampen him, that's why he decided to enter a dark jungle of Gaussian bells and differential equations until he emerged victorious with his precious title on Computer Engineering.

The taste for video games comes from afar. He played titles like Donkey Kong Country in the Super Nintendo or Age of Empires on PC as a child and he was always searching for secrets that the developers could have left behind.

His academic training led him across the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and technical vision and showed him a new horizon in which machines can learn (but, fortunately, not revolt). Step by step, he has been deepening his passions, combining app development, research, and video games. That gave him a broader and more diverse vision, allowing him to also discover his artistic side.

José Luis has confessed to us that his arrival at Trim Tangle as a programmer in Crisis Crunch, was the opportunity he was waiting for to do what he likes in an environment where work is approached seriously and in which colleagues can also be friends.

Julián Rodríguez
OST Composer | Musician
Projects:Crisis Crunch

Julián knows classical harmonies and experimental ones combined could lead you to something never achieved before. He has expertise on that.

You could see him magically appearing in any project where musical innovation is the main theme. And if this doesn´t satisfy his artistic hunger he will try to innovate and collaborate with any audiovisual and cultural show.

Antonio Peña and Julián Rodríguez have both participated in the production of some original soundtracks for independent and commercial movies such as: “The enchanted Forest”, "De Profundis", “Guts”, "Dreams of a San Juan Night”, “The Apostle”, “Wrap up”... titles in which they worked as arrangers, orchestrators and music editors. Julián, also has made compositions for several theater plays.

He graduated in Composition and Orchestration, Piano and Musical Language and is president of “Colorsonoro”, a Spanish association for electronic music development and video art. He also teaches in the conservatory.

Nobody trust more than Julián in the capacity of music to give, and even to guide, guide us into our feelings, guide us into a story, guide us into to the future. For him, composition and innovation must walk side by side.

L'ezaro Dubra: Servicios integrados

L ́EZARO DUBRA Integrated Services in A Coruña, Spain, has specialized personnel in the real estate, tax, and legal fields and they accompany you and advise you in any process related to:

Buying and selling | Rentals | Swaps | Inheritance management | Asset management | Legal and tax advice.

In L ́EZARO DUBRA Integrated Services are experts on the acquisition and placement of your properties, the management of assets and new businesses, and, in addition, they offer legal and tax advice throughout all the process. They are part of a real state nexus that allows them to find the better placement of your properties. They offer free basic digital home staging and have a network of collaborations in the fields of marketing, architecture, design, business, notarial services... All you may need.

They are our head advisors and do not hesitate to clarify our legal, tax, and real estate doubts. In addition, they are known for supporting profiles of young and entrepreneurial clients. And it's because of all of that, why we always keep them very close and why they are part of our nexus.

María Benítez
Community Manager

Librarian during the day, Community Manager by night. Worlds of information and social networking have no secrets for her. Her vocation is to set up relations, to discover new pathways, to develop alliances.

Maria studied Library Science and she worked at the documentation centers of some law firms and public libraries. Discovering, afterwards, an unambiguous relation between her past and her future, she decided to study for Community Manager. Ever since, she didn't stop exploring and (why deny it?) playing with new web possibilities.

Currently she collaborates with a librarian web portal, coordinating sections and writing some posts about social media, books and libraries. She is also making her first steps in illustration, more specifically in the dark world of librarian fanzines.

Always restless, her hobbies are related with art, design and creation, going from digital to traditional (such as crochet or decorated cookies). Undoubtedly, this was the key to create such affinity with the rest of the Nexus (especially for the cookies).

Her motto is that everything must be perfectly written, connected, organized and classified, professional bias in its entire splendor.

Background Artist | Concept Artist
Projects:Crisis Crunch

The beauty of her drawings has an easy explanation, her hands only canalizes the beauty of her heart. Melvira believes in what remains beyond the false glitter coverture of the mass media, in the charm of the easy and things made with care.

Sometime she uses art and eroticism as a way to claim the beauty of all human bodies. As she says: “everyone is beautiful in its own way”.

She is a great illustrator and concept artist and she studied Artistic Designing and Illustration and has worked as a concept-artist, character and GUI designer in recently launched video game projects as Ginger: beyond the cristal, Grumpy Reaper from Drakhar Studios or Kambu Mistery Island. Simultaneously to Crisis Crunch she is working as a tale illustrator for Blue Tale company.

Working alongside her is like enter in a Zen garden, sometimes she feels a little disheartened by the worst part of the world we live in, but the Nexus always returns what it receives (and Melvira is always giving), so we constantly encourage her to continue inspiring people with her work, full of freedom of expression and universal acceptance.

Nacho Roca
Sound Designer

"The sound completes the information of what we see".

To Nacho we perceive reality halfway because we don't pay attention to what it wants to tell us. With his quiet nature, Nacho dedicated the first years of his life to listen. It's not rare he begun to feel interested in the world of music and sound editing where it's believed that any useless word can ruin an irreplaceable atmosphere.

As a great passionate of music he has been part of several music bands, going all the way from hard rock to harmonic Spanish guitars.

He has worked as direct sound technician in one of the most charismatic event rooms of Galicia, "El Nautico" of San Vicente. In that idyllic place near to the beach performed well-known national groups and musicians like: Iván Ferreiro, Coque Malla, Nacho Vega and "O Funkillo" among others.

Nowadays he is the sound director of Walterhaus, an emerging company settled in Madrid built by him and his associates. From there they "scheme" all kind of services related with the audiovisual world (campaigns, events, spots, music...).

It seems he hadn't enough just with creating his own company in these dark times so he decided to jump in the deep with such an ambitious and experimental project as Therefore (specially when it comes to the Sound designing area) in order to take his first steps, along with us and with The Wanderer, towards the world of video games.

Nicolás Ibáñez
Game Programmer | Web Programmer | 2D & FX Designer

He has the quickest fingers in town. We call him “Speedy Ibañez” and his capacity of work and organization is legendary in the Nexus. He loves video games, indie and retro games are his thing, being graphic adventures his preferred gender. He's also an enthusiast of science fiction, especially sci-fi movies. He enjoys reading science books and topics like quantum physics and string theory. Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan and Nikola Tesla are some of his idols.

He studied Computer Engineering specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Systems. He worked as Annalist, Systems Programmer and Web Programmer with big companies, as for example, Inditex.

Nico has an outstanding initiative and seems not to know what risk or challenge means, if he wants to do it he will do it, as simple as that. We have to recognise it, not other sane programmer will follow this team to experimental interactive trips of no return, none but Nico Ibañez.

If we are Icarus, crazy enough to fly near to the sun, Nico is our wings, and he doesn´t seem to be scared of melting down, neither do us. We know that in his hands we will enjoy a comfortable flight.

Simultaneously to Project Therefore Nico is working in other interactive projects that for sure will make some noise.

Rodrigo Pascual
Art, Background Design, BG FX Design.

“Video games and games are art, dare to deny it and you will face the rage of my hammer”. Thanks to the gods he really hasn´t got a hammer, because our comrade will fulfill his menace.

He has a storming and peculiar mind, full of smashing ideas. He loves video games, board games, family games and any kind of games if they are original enough. He devours literature, cinema and comic books; he likes mythology and anthropology in general and loves nordic myths.

He studied Digital Arts and Graphic Design, he worked in design studios and as an illustrator for short films and comic. He is a great 2D artist and an ace in game mechanics.

He has collaborated on project Therefore and also he is working in two board games, and he has more ideas in the sleeve. He is also one of the promoters of the Trim Tangle Nexus.

Be sure that clichés are not his thing; he uses his work to experiment and break media walls. Epic is in every fibber of his body, and independent projects are his life. Working alongside him is like being inside of Ring of The Nibelungs, so imagine play one of his games.

Rubén Carral
Projects:Crisis Crunch

For those who have experienced his work, is evident that Rubén is always trying to capture the sense of wonder and adventure. Using both digital and traditional techniques, Rubén introduces to us his heroines in the looks of vagrants, magicians, scientists, artists and warriors who travels trough vast regions of fantasy and surrealism, real alien worlds.

These girls travel trough this lands in loneliness but, at the same time, in communion with them. For him, each artwork is a narration, an illustrated heartbeat guiding the spectator to a different kingdom, full of experiences.

He studied illustration, and worked for several editorial companies of children books, but he always wanted the opportunity of creating new living worlds through concept art, background and map design... And we answered his call.

Ruben is a 90's gamer, not too fussy, he likes all kind of games, but he has a weakness for rpg, platform games, fighting games and adventures... he confesses to be a bit "otaku" and has predilection for electronic music.

He is fascinated for extraterrestrial themes including outer space and foreign realities, maybe that's the reason why he prefers sci-fi and fantasy genres.

Rubén is actually our guide trough the crazy and eccentric Underworld realm of Crisis Crunch, project in which he has focused intensely. He is also part of the team working on the the future web app Talespire as illustrator. With that capacity of his to create doors of chalk and brush-strokes to other universes he is always capable of taking us with him in his journeys.

Santi Martín
concept artist | Background artist | GRAPHIC DESIGNER
Projects:Crisis Crunch

Santi's true passion is to create worlds full of color that tell a story by observing them. In his job, his priority is to create coherent content that satisfies himself and others.

His career has been closely linked to creation since the beginning: He studied Design, was a digital illustrator in the field of E-Learning, and owns a 3D printing and design company, however, his true passion is concept-art and digital art, a task in which he dives in with an open mind and giving spirit, always surprising us with his interesting contributions.

He is passionate about videogames, especially those with stylized aesthetics, a good story, or revolutionary and entertaining mechanics.Nowadays, Santi works as a background artist on Crisis Crunch, helping us materialize each of the mysterious nooks and crannies of the evil hell company.

Sergio García Cuesta
OST Composer | Musician

Cuesta is a serene person, a peaceful soul, it seems like he is always waiting for something, but inside his head a revolution is happening and new ways of expression are being given artistic form.

Cuesta is a thorough guy, a thinker and has a lyrical spirit. His themes are emotional and experimental.

Since he was a child he knew music was his life, he studied in the Creative Music School in Madrid and has been teached by talented musical icons of classical and modern music and composition as Jose Luis Fajardo, Andres Alen or Ramon Paus.

Fond of instrumental and experimental music, soon he felt the unavoidable pull of Jazz music, which is why in this moment, and simultaneously to the work in Therefore, he is studying the Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Performance in Dublin. He also worked in short films soundtracks and advertising musical themes.

He likes riddles, mind games and puns. Occurrence is always in the tip of his tongue. He loves literature and audiovisuals, and of course, video games, card games and any strategy game in which he uses to stand out thanks to his creative strategies and his reflexive behavior, that makes him very good (without even try it) in competitions.

This creativity, these thoughtful manners, this profound lyricism... We knew from the start that our weird projects (like Therefore) were predestined to be in his hands, their intertwine cannot be avoided. And in The Tangle believing in predestination is a valid choice.

WHO! Sounds
Sound design and mastering

They are a multifunctional sound studio situated at Plaza de Castilla, Madrid, 5 minutes away from Fuencarral station, with easy car access and with parking at the door.

Their 25 square meters control room is provided with A-class hardware and the most advance software, with a recording room of 20 square meters capable of different configurations. Their installations are equipped with a video editing room, a cyclorama, a warehouse, print, lifter, kitchen, dressing room with showers, a bar and spacious common areas.

Their main staff is full of young, qualified and versatile technicians. In the last 10 years they have worked in the world of music, cinema, TV, advertising and video games. They are certified technicians in Pro Tools and in FMOD and WWise basic licenses.

In the world of video games development and post-production they have worked in some outstanding titles such as “Crysis 2” or “Dead Space 2”, being in charge of the full dubbing process for both products.

Nowadays WHO! SOUNDS is part of the creative nexus Trim Tangle, working on the sound design of one of our most ambitious projects, “Therefore”. They are also trying to launch, along with NEHO Games, an AAA Game created in Spain: "Future Slaves", that is already in its funding phase.

But what is important it’s not what they have done but what they can do for you.

In WHO! SOUNDS they record, edit, design, compose, arrange, mix and master with high-quality equipment. There, you can design the sound effects of your videogame, compose your music or infuse some life into your characters with their post-production and dubbing services, always working with the best voice actors and actresses of the moment.

Also, next to their studio you can make the photos you need for your website or order the design for your cover, your corporative video, make your TV or web spot or do the printing you need for your advertisements. If you want, they can even plan your advertising campaign, this way your game will have all what it needs for its better diffusion.

As you can see, they are always prepared. And you?

Do not forget to type your email if you wish an answer. Or if you prefer, you can also send us an email to
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