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Sergio García Cuesta
OST Composer | Musician

Cuesta is a serene person, a peaceful soul, it seems like he is always waiting for something, but inside his head a revolution is happening and new ways of expression are being given artistic form.

Cuesta is a thorough guy, a thinker and has a lyrical spirit. His themes are emotional and experimental.

Since he was a child he knew music was his life, he studied in the Creative Music School in Madrid and has been teached by talented musical icons of classical and modern music and composition as Jose Luis Fajardo, Andres Alen or Ramon Paus.

Fond of instrumental and experimental music, soon he felt the unavoidable pull of Jazz music, which is why in this moment, and simultaneously to the work in Therefore, he is studying the Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Performance in Dublin. He also worked in short films soundtracks and advertising musical themes.

He likes riddles, mind games and puns. Occurrence is always in the tip of his tongue. He loves literature and audiovisuals, and of course, video games, card games and any strategy game in which he uses to stand out thanks to his creative strategies and his reflexive behavior, that makes him very good (without even try it) in competitions.

This creativity, these thoughtful manners, this profound lyricism... We knew from the start that our weird projects (like Therefore) were predestined to be in his hands, their intertwine cannot be avoided. And in The Tangle believing in predestination is a valid choice.

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