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WHO! Sounds
Sound design and mastering

They are a multifunctional sound studio situated at Plaza de Castilla, Madrid, 5 minutes away from Fuencarral station, with easy car access and with parking at the door.

Their 25 square meters control room is provided with A-class hardware and the most advance software, with a recording room of 20 square meters capable of different configurations. Their installations are equipped with a video editing room, a cyclorama, a warehouse, print, lifter, kitchen, dressing room with showers, a bar and spacious common areas.

Their main staff is full of young, qualified and versatile technicians. In the last 10 years they have worked in the world of music, cinema, TV, advertising and video games. They are certified technicians in Pro Tools and in FMOD and WWise basic licenses.

In the world of video games development and post-production they have worked in some outstanding titles such as “Crysis 2” or “Dead Space 2”, being in charge of the full dubbing process for both products.

Nowadays WHO! SOUNDS is part of the creative nexus Trim Tangle, working on the sound design of one of our most ambitious projects, “Therefore”. They are also trying to launch, along with NEHO Games, an AAA Game created in Spain: "Future Slaves", that is already in its funding phase.

But what is important it’s not what they have done but what they can do for you.

In WHO! SOUNDS they record, edit, design, compose, arrange, mix and master with high-quality equipment. There, you can design the sound effects of your videogame, compose your music or infuse some life into your characters with their post-production and dubbing services, always working with the best voice actors and actresses of the moment.

Also, next to their studio you can make the photos you need for your website or order the design for your cover, your corporative video, make your TV or web spot or do the printing you need for your advertisements. If you want, they can even plan your advertising campaign, this way your game will have all what it needs for its better diffusion.

As you can see, they are always prepared. And you?

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