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Antonio Peña
OST Composer | Musician
Projects:Crisis Crunch

Anything could lead to music and music could lead us to anything, and that is something Antonio Peñas realized long time ago. From modern music to the classics, from electro-acoustic to unplugged, he walks through all the musical spectrum never making stops.

He is composer, guitarist, pianist an jazz musician, and has created a Big Band and played with famous singers as Maite Da Costa, Julie Guravich, Cristal Méndez Queizán and others.

Antonio Peña and Julián Rodríguez have both participated in the production of some original soundtracks for independent and commercial movies such as: “The enchanted Forest”, "De Profundis", “Guts”, "Dreams of a San Juan Night”, “The Apostle” “Wrap up”... titles in which they worked as arrangers, orchestrators and music editors. Antonio, also has composed for experimental music labs and events while teaching in the conservatory.

He is as versatile as sound itself and never loses the chance to show how music could flow through the gaps in the wall of our collective clichés and start to erode it. We believe that is what he saw in our projects: a chance to contribute in making social status quo tremor a little without forgetting to have a good time.

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