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Rodrigo Pascual
Art, Background Design, BG FX Design.

“Video games and games are art, dare to deny it and you will face the rage of my hammer”. Thanks to the gods he really hasn´t got a hammer, because our comrade will fulfill his menace.

He has a storming and peculiar mind, full of smashing ideas. He loves video games, board games, family games and any kind of games if they are original enough. He devours literature, cinema and comic books; he likes mythology and anthropology in general and loves nordic myths.

He studied Digital Arts and Graphic Design, he worked in design studios and as an illustrator for short films and comic. He is a great 2D artist and an ace in game mechanics.

He has collaborated on project Therefore and also he is working in two board games, and he has more ideas in the sleeve. He is also one of the promoters of the Trim Tangle Nexus.

Be sure that clichés are not his thing; he uses his work to experiment and break media walls. Epic is in every fibber of his body, and independent projects are his life. Working alongside him is like being inside of Ring of The Nibelungs, so imagine play one of his games.

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