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Background Artist | Concept Artist
Projects:Crisis Crunch

The beauty of her drawings has an easy explanation, her hands only canalizes the beauty of her heart. Melvira believes in what remains beyond the false glitter coverture of the mass media, in the charm of the easy and things made with care.

Sometime she uses art and eroticism as a way to claim the beauty of all human bodies. As she says: “everyone is beautiful in its own way”.

She is a great illustrator and concept artist and she studied Artistic Designing and Illustration and has worked as a concept-artist, character and GUI designer in recently launched video game projects as Ginger: beyond the cristal, Grumpy Reaper from Drakhar Studios or Kambu Mistery Island. Simultaneously to Crisis Crunch she is working as a tale illustrator for Blue Tale company.

Working alongside her is like enter in a Zen garden, sometimes she feels a little disheartened by the worst part of the world we live in, but the Nexus always returns what it receives (and Melvira is always giving), so we constantly encourage her to continue inspiring people with her work, full of freedom of expression and universal acceptance.

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