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Trim Tangle is a nexus of entrepreneurs and creative people who love interactive entertainment, games and digital arts. There are several members in this collective and plenty of ideas and creative proposals arise from its people.

Actually the core is divided in two different teams working in two simultaneous video game projects, supporting each other when is needed. In this web site you can see our profiles. Besides the teams, there are other nexus members and contacts working on their own board games or pen and paper role playing games or on digital and artistic projects.

We consider games a tool to transmit and express, a tool to connect to others, for us is the perfect channel to send a message, to generate an experience and, of course, a great way of entertainment. Video games nourish from literature, cinema, arts, music and science to create something unique.

Nevertheless, in this times we are facing, video games (and other digital arts) must evolve, not being just a way of evasion but a way to learn, to understand the human world. Video games must not been reclusive but connective.

Adults have been cheated to avoid games, except those considered appropriate for their ages. With this we made a terrible mistake, this generation is starting to realize it.

But that doesn’t apply to us, we believe in games as we believe in any kind of artistic expression, and we see both as what they are, a way of innovation, vindication and communication, part of the tangle that weave us together, because we are Trim Tangle.

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