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David González
Game Programmer
Projects:Crisis Crunch

You cannot escape from his eye; he sees every detail, perceives every change in your mood and localizes any error. This boy with analytical brain and poetic soul is our lead programmer, capable of thinking programming solutions while he is washing his underpants or taking a beer.

He is hyper responsible and thorough, he is our inside “Trimmer” and he doesn’t like imperfection.

Besides being a great opera singer and a daily philosopher, is a talented Computer Engineer well versed in apps and mobile development tools, and a hardcore gamer very fond of strategy, graphic adventures and turn-based RPG. Simultaneously to Crisis Crunch he is working in an engineering team of a Tech Start-up.

David treats projects he works on as they were his children, never lets them suffer for lack of attention and care and always uses his time to feed the project's everlasting hunger of productivity.

To David everything matters, all, even the little things of life and details have their importance (we told you he was a philosopher), that’s why he thinks inattentive behavior dishonored a great idea and the effort of a passionate team, and he will not allow that!

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