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Diego Corzón
Game Designer, Interactive Writer // Characters and GUI Design and Animation, Background Design, 2d FX

“World is changing, humanity is changing, games and video games must be part of the change”. This messianic deviant is one of our Game Designers, an idea breeding machine who always convince us to follow him in his weird experiments. He is one of the promoters of the Trim Tangle Nexus and is the only one who is part of the two teams that are developing the two video games projects supported by Trim tangle.

Corzón (a.k.a Mazemancer) gave his back to a finished Laws Degree and then studied DGAC (Digital Graphic and Artistic Creation) learning about traditional and new techniques of illustration, design and animation. Not having enough, his delirium led him to other weird careers as Narrative Creation, Interactive Writing and Game Theory alongside with other 3d and graphic design courses. Heaven knows how, he has published tales, articles and essays and has earned some prizes and nominations in poetry, comic and writing minor competitions.

Simultaneously to both video game projects (Crisis Crunch and Therefore), he is working in a Pen and Paper project and also a visual novel, promoting a social collective and practising as a mediator.

Corzón loves games and video games over all, in fact we think he lives in a perpetual video game (¿Isla Piñata, maybe?). He uses literature, philosophy, art, comic, theatre and the entire audiovisual spectre to shape his interactive and philosophical nonsense, and sometimes, just sometimes, some of them worked.

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