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Nacho Roca
Sound Designer

"The sound completes the information of what we see".

To Nacho we perceive reality halfway because we don't pay attention to what it wants to tell us. With his quiet nature, Nacho dedicated the first years of his life to listen. It's not rare he begun to feel interested in the world of music and sound editing where it's believed that any useless word can ruin an irreplaceable atmosphere.

As a great passionate of music he has been part of several music bands, going all the way from hard rock to harmonic Spanish guitars.

He has worked as direct sound technician in one of the most charismatic event rooms of Galicia, "El Nautico" of San Vicente. In that idyllic place near to the beach performed well-known national groups and musicians like: Iván Ferreiro, Coque Malla, Nacho Vega and "O Funkillo" among others.

Nowadays he is the sound director of Walterhaus, an emerging company settled in Madrid built by him and his associates. From there they "scheme" all kind of services related with the audiovisual world (campaigns, events, spots, music...).

It seems he hadn't enough just with creating his own company in these dark times so he decided to jump in the deep with such an ambitious and experimental project as Therefore (specially when it comes to the Sound designing area) in order to take his first steps, along with us and with The Wanderer, towards the world of video games.

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