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Julián Rodríguez
OST Composer | Musician
Projects:Crisis Crunch

Julián knows classical harmonies and experimental ones combined could lead you to something never achieved before. He has expertise on that.

You could see him magically appearing in any project where musical innovation is the main theme. And if this doesn´t satisfy his artistic hunger he will try to innovate and collaborate with any audiovisual and cultural show.

Antonio Peña and Julián Rodríguez have both participated in the production of some original soundtracks for independent and commercial movies such as: “The enchanted Forest”, "De Profundis", “Guts”, "Dreams of a San Juan Night”, “The Apostle”, “Wrap up”... titles in which they worked as arrangers, orchestrators and music editors. Julián, also has made compositions for several theater plays.

He graduated in Composition and Orchestration, Piano and Musical Language and is president of “Colorsonoro”, a Spanish association for electronic music development and video art. He also teaches in the conservatory.

Nobody trust more than Julián in the capacity of music to give, and even to guide, guide us into our feelings, guide us into a story, guide us into to the future. For him, composition and innovation must walk side by side.

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