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L'ezaro Dubra: Servicios integrados

L ́EZARO DUBRA Integrated Services in A Coruña, Spain, has specialized personnel in the real estate, tax, and legal fields and they accompany you and advise you in any process related to:

Buying and selling | Rentals | Swaps | Inheritance management | Asset management | Legal and tax advice.

In L ́EZARO DUBRA Integrated Services are experts on the acquisition and placement of your properties, the management of assets and new businesses, and, in addition, they offer legal and tax advice throughout all the process. They are part of a real state nexus that allows them to find the better placement of your properties. They offer free basic digital home staging and have a network of collaborations in the fields of marketing, architecture, design, business, notarial services... All you may need.

They are our head advisors and do not hesitate to clarify our legal, tax, and real estate doubts. In addition, they are known for supporting profiles of young and entrepreneurial clients. And it's because of all of that, why we always keep them very close and why they are part of our nexus.

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