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José Luis Valenzuela
Game Programmer
Projects:Crisis Crunch

Although he was a good student, from a young age he developed a curious dual interest in health and computer sciences. The possibility of digging inside cute animals dissuaded him from the first option, so he decided to focus his career on computer science, and it was a good decision.

The challenges do not dampen him, that's why he decided to enter a dark jungle of Gaussian bells and differential equations until he emerged victorious with his precious title on Computer Engineering.

The taste for video games comes from afar. He played titles like Donkey Kong Country in the Super Nintendo or Age of Empires on PC as a child and he was always searching for secrets that the developers could have left behind.

His academic training led him across the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and technical vision and showed him a new horizon in which machines can learn (but, fortunately, not revolt). Step by step, he has been deepening his passions, combining app development, research, and video games. That gave him a broader and more diverse vision, allowing him to also discover his artistic side.

José Luis has confessed to us that his arrival at Trim Tangle as a programmer in Crisis Crunch, was the opportunity he was waiting for to do what he likes in an environment where work is approached seriously and in which colleagues can also be friends.

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